Maintaining Upholstery Fabric

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Sofas and ottomans in areas with high foot traffic need to be strong, sturdy and made of fabric that is easily cleanable. Of course, you would probably want to capitalize on a valued fabric for an attractive centerpiece in the living room. Well, for it to last you for eons to come you may need to consider maintaining upholstery fabric as it is effortless and doesn’t require much of your time. Below are tips to help you maintain upholstered fabric.
  • Get a good understanding of your fabric

Natural Fiber
Synthetic Fiber
Cotton – highly resistant to wear, pilling and fading. Bad resistance to fire, soil, and wrinkles.
Nylon  hardly used alone. Mixed with other fibers to make it resistant to soil and wrinkles.
Linen – best for formal areas. Wrinkles and soils easily. Resists fading and pilling.
Polyester  hardly used alone. Mixed with other fibers to make it resistant to wrinkles and pilling.
Rayon – arose as an imitation linen, silk, and cotton. Durable but wrinkles.

  • To reduce fading on your upholstered pieces, place them in areas with minimal exposure to direct sunlight.

  • With use, the tightly attached fabric tends to stretch and wrinkle. To restore their appearance, smooth the surfaces and tuck in excess upholstery.


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